About Us

EduProSkills is a web-based affordable business-training provider that helps professionals like you build and enhance their skills. We provide high-quality content on business tools through audio conferences, Webinars, transcripts, DVDs and easy-to-use reference guides that will help you resolve your day-to-day challenges at workplace. Our training materials and tools are prepared by top-level professionals. Organizations and employees can benefit from our multi-ranged material to become successful in their jobs. 

At EduProSkills, we incorporate high standards in developing the most practical, cutting-edge and functional information for both business and technical works. We cover diverse topics ranging from Microsoft Office skills, construction and contract laws to Human Resource and payroll to Affordable housing  compliance to Education. We bridge the gap between experience and knowledge and deliver content that is both relevant and trending at the moment.

Our exclusive and focused Live/On-Demand Webinars and DVDs easily fit into your busy schedules and make learning simple, convenient and economical. All you need is a device with Internet connection–smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad. So why waste time and money on expensive offsite training sessions when can you get the same—or rather better—knowledge at a place and time of your choice? Want some specific training. Let us know, and we’ll give you a solution.

EduProSkills has a panel of nationally renowned experts who will give you the best tips and tricks and share their professional know-how. You can choose to listen to them live or opt for Webinar replays or buy a CD as per your convenience. The question-and-answer session at the end of every live Webinar provides a platform to get expert advice related to your day-to-day queries.

We assure you that our products and presentations are of high quality and maintain a degree of excellence and they will provide you the highest level of satisfaction once you are through them.