Excellent. She made a confusing topic very understandable.

- Deborah Seng

To Share or Not To Share? A–Z FERPA Compliance for All By Erin D. Gilsbach

Yes, the session was excellent and I can not wait to implement some of the tips that were provided. The speaker was excellent and well versed on this subject.

- Deborah Morales

Mastering Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts By Mike Thomas

I appreciated having the PowerPoint available during the session so I could take notes as we went. The overall presentation was Excellent.

- Erica Miller

How To Conduct A Successful Performance Review By Karla Brandau

The session was very informative and refreshed my memory of different formulas that can be used.The technology was easy to use, there were just so many different short-cuts to try and remember. The speaker was very knowledgeable and answered the questions that people had correctly.

- Esther Anderson

Mastering Microsoft Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts By Dennis Taylor

Instructional handouts with step by step guides

- Gale Surrency

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – Understanding Slide and Layout Masters By Mitzi Gibson Katz

Overall great presentation

- Heidi Engelmann

New Form W-4 For 2019 : Best Practice And Compliance Requirements By Vicki M. Lambert

I gained an appropriate amount of information.

- Jennifer Besse

The ESSA and Special Education: A Look at What’s Ahead By Erin D. Gilsbach

The speaker interactive and knowledgeable.

- John Bailly

How to Create High-Impact Excel Reports By Mike Thomas

For this critical subject, James Zack, Jr. was very knowledgeable and thorough on how he provided the information.

- Kerri Hanrahan

This was my first one and I thought it was good the way it was. It was a good class and I learned some new things and it was a good review too

- Kevin Utley

Very engaging. I received what I needed today and look forward to hearing Judi Clements again.

- Leah Schmitt - Ponte

Legal And Effective Discipline & Documentation: If It Wasn't Documented It Didn’t Happen By Judi Clements

The webinar was great. Information was user friendly – just information to refresh my memory of what I need to do. I have sat in on many refreshers that offer too much information

- Linda Nichols

Absolutely, the speaker was interactive and knowledgeable.The session covered lot of examples.

- Manon Poirier

Felt is was well laid out & easy to follow instructions


The session was very informative. A great topic with lots of nuances that were well explained. The speaker was actually the best part. She was certainly knowledgeable about payroll and deductions, but as importantly or more so, she also spoke clearly, enthusiastically, and authoritatively. The 90 minutes went by quickly.

- Mark Todd

By Vicki M. Lambert

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s webinar and plan to attend more in the future. Writing an Employee Manual and how to keep it current if you’re a small business without an H.R. Department or full time attorney on staff

- Mary Bergstraesser

Yes, good refresher

- Natalie G. Fuhrman

Very much so. I would like to complete the EQ-i 2.0


The session was very much informative. The overall presentation was very good.

- Peggy Sielski

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and materials provided

- Ria Hermann

He was great! I loved all the quick tips he offered.

- Sandra K. Shea

The session was very informative. Excellent presentation

- Shannon Del Valle

New Form W-4 For 2019 : Best Practice And Compliance Requirements By Vicki M. Lambert

I thought the webinar was well done, especially for the short time frame. Judi was very pleasant.

- Shawn Robinson

I thought the speaker was great. Clear to understand and examples were great. Pace was fast but made it so interesting.

- Susanne Gallione

Yes. Put things simply and as a matter of fact. Even gave same answers to common questions. Very helpful. I'm satisfied with the webinar presentations.

- Wendy Bledsoe

New Form W-4 For 2019 : Best Practice And Compliance Requirements By Vicki M. Lambert