QAPI – OASIS & Your Patient And Agency Outcomes

Training Format: Recorded Webinar

Format Type: DVD

Speaker(s): Vicky Trevarthan

Webinar Date: Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Training Duration : 60 minutes

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QAPI for Outcomes and Compliance: Including Both Conditions of Payment and Participation

The implementation of the new Conditions of Participation has had a big effect on home care agencies. QAPI is not a Condition and agencies are receiving Conditional Level deficiencies for QAPI.  Agencies need to be prepared and confident the QAPI program meets the new Conditions.

Agencies must understand how the provider can improve care, services and outcomes by implementing an agency specific QAPI program.  
Agencies must be in compliance with the new Conditions of Participation.  This session will explain what you need to do in order to develop and implement a QAPI program that for ongoing compliance. Focus will be on OASIS, CASPER Reports, Home Health Compare / Star Ratings, agency QAPI Plan, and professional staff involvememt.  So, don’t miss this session!

Be in compliance with the new CoPs implemented on January 13, 2018, Agencies should not expect perfect surveys – in fact, surveys seen to date have numerous deficiencies including for QAPI. Therefore, you will need to be able to develop a QAPI agency specific plan that will meet the new QAPI Conditions.  The QAPI program is intended to improve and maintain agency outcomes.

In this one hour session , Vicky Trevarthan will discuss how the agency can understand and implement a QAPI program that will meet the new Conditions that were implemented on January 13, 2018.

Learning Objectives

In this 60 min session, Vicky will discuss and cover:

  • Understand the relation of OASIS M items to the patient outcomes, 5 Star Ratings, Home Health Compare and Value Based Purchasing
  • How to appropriately assess patients and answer OASIS items that will improve your outcomes
  • How to select the most important outcome measures for your patient teams and organization to improve
  • How to enhance your patients’ outcomes
  • Understand the CASPER, and Home Health Compare / Star Ratings Reports
  • How to identify areas of improvement and do something with the information
  • How to set up a QAPI Plan
  • Developing Performance Improvement Project (PIP)
  • How to increase quality outcomes
  • Use of the one clinician convention expansion
  • Understand the role of Governance in the QAPI Program
  • Understand the rules of the QAPI Condition
  • How to complete a Self-assessment
  • How to analyze results
  • And lot more

Who Should Benefit?

The session is highly advised for:

  • Home Health Administrators
  • Directors
  • Clinical Managers/Directors
  • QAPI coordinators
  • Professional /Field Staff



Vicky has diversified knowledge and experience expanding over 25 years with national leaders in home health care. Vicky’s successes started as a clinical field nurse and expanded to Corporate Consultant. She is a former ACHC Surveyor. She consults home care agencies on QAPI, regulatory compliance, and survey preparedness. Vicky is an excellent educator and .. Read More >>



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