Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Excel, Word, And PowerPoint

Training Format: Recorded Webinar

Format Type: DVD

Speaker(s): Mitzi Gibson Katz

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Webinar Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Training Duration : 60 minutes

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Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Excel, Power Point and Word

One of Microsoft’s strongest collective features is the ability to integrate the software for super-charging your documentation and reporting capabilities.  Each software package as a standalone is filled with features that the average user barely accesses or even knows about, but combining the features takes your computing abilities to a new level.  Using the Microsoft Office Suite packages gives the concept of “automation” a whole new meaning.  You can greatly increase your efficiency by applying integration paths presented in this webinar.  Once the integration paths are in place, you can focus on your content and refreshing reports rather than rebuilding on an ongoing basis!

Give up the trial-and-terror techniques of relying on default copying and pasting commands and learn many important time-saving techniques.  Learn how and when to use the features available in each program efficiently and effectively.  There are many new tools to add to your skill set!

As per Mitzi, she was told by a student in a company where she was training that they were required to create all their charts in PowerPoint because the charts then matched the company theme used in the presentation.  Taking the time to learn the features removes constraints that are self-imposed and helps speed your work in creating and maintaining good workable data.

Common comments heard from students attending this training is “I didn’t even know this type of integration was possible.  You wouldn’t believe the time I’ve spent semi-manually building and rebuilding my reports.”  The session will support the following versions of Microsoft Suite 2007-2016.

Session Highlights

  • How to create effective presentations by combining features of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in a meaningful and purposeful way.
  • Time-saving techniques will be used throughout.
  • Creating effective reports and presentations with integrated data
  • Learn Word’s capabilities of integrating Excel data.  Copy/paste functionality, including linking and embedding
  • Did you know you have full Excel functionality in Word?  Why struggle with calculations and number formatting in Word tables?
  • Use Word to create an automatic PowerPoint presentation – no need to retype Word content, just click a button
  • Run a PowerPoint presentation using an electronic Word file
  • Use PowerPoint to create automatic speaker notes in Word – with full Word functionality
  • Use the Get data features within Excel
  • Integrate Excel data & charts with PowerPoint – refresh rather than rebuild
  • Tips, Tricks and Time-Saving Techniques
  • Integrate all the Office products into OneNote (time dependent)
  • Take your presentations to the next level.

You will receive the PowerPoint presentation along with detailed speaker notes to use as instructional materials support going forward.

Who should benefit?

  • Administrative assistants,
  • Managers,
  • Directors,
  • Sales associates,
  • Students,
  • Teachers,
  • Marketing personnel,
  • Medical and legal professionals
  • Anyone using MS Office in a business or educational setting to create reports and presentations.



Mitzi Gibson Katz (a.k.a Theresa B. Katz ) has developed coveted training solutions and has educated thousands of end users for the past thirty-five years. Mitzi holds a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in special education classroom and administration.Early in her career, Mitzi taught a variety of special education classes in Kansas, Montana, .. Read More >>



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