21st Century Stress And Time Management - Pace, Chaos & Complexity Continues!

Training Format: Recorded Webinar

Format Type: DVD

Speaker(s): Karla Brandau

Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Training Duration : 60 minutes

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Managing Time & Stress - When You Are Overworked & Overwhelmed

As the pace and complexity of life continues to increase in the 21st century, handling multiple assignments and simultaneous demands is a challenge. Even the most organized person can feel overwhelmed and stressed by workloads that seem impossible and days that feel chaotic. This webinar addresses the chaos with both a stress and a time management lens. The program attacks stress from a knowledge level as well as a problem-solving level enabling you to understand the critical facets of stress related to productivity, know how to respond to stressors, and take responsibility for your own stress functioning.

For you, a 21st century worker, a heavy workload is a stressor that can be mitigated with superior time management skills. Planning and prioritizing expertise helps you to achieve more as you conscientiously move through your day, working to complete your assignments on time and with good quality. This is a winning combination of information for anyone wanting to enter an elite circle of achievers.

In this webinar you will be taught universal truths for handling stress and time management, time management skills in the workplace plus be given exercises to reduce your stress and tactical planning techniques to increase productivity.

What if you could leave the office on time every night with a calm feeling that you are in control of your tasks and deadlines versus the stressed feeling of “I’ll never get it all done?”

Learning Objectives

This is possible if you leave work on time and internalize the principles. In this 60 min session, these questions will be answered: 

  • What 4 types of chronic stress?
  • How does stress drain your energy and productivity?
  • Why some stress is good?
  • How are stress and time management related?
  • How can time management principles reduce stress?
  • How can I negotiate personal expenditures of energy?
  • When do I take direct action and when do I let go?

21st Century Stress and Time management principles include learning how to:

  • Time management skills in the workplace
  • Prioritize a plethora of competing activities
  • Rate time at work versus time doing work
  • Use deadlines for energy
  • Do the “upfront” work
  • Focus on high priority items
  • Use technology to avoid interruptions
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Indulge in planned procrastination
  • Close out your day with a feeling of satisfaction

Bonus :
This 21st Century Stress and Time management webinar contains a technology component: Microsoft Outlook. You will learn how to make the Outlook Calendar a time management tool for:  

  • Time management skills in the Workplace
  • Managing daily workflow, not just a way to keep track of appointments and meetings
  • Estimating the time it will take you to complete a task
  • Keeping track of project deadlines
  • Planning complex tasks
  • Using the To-Do Bar for Master Task Lists and Daily Task Lists

Why You Should Attend?

Time management and stress are siblings. If they get along, everything is rosy but if they fight, life is miserable. This 21st Century Stress and Time management webinar enlightens you with stress management techniques that improve your time management and with time management strategies that relieve your stress.
Use this formula:

Stress Reduction Techniques + Time Management Principles + Outlook Features = Superior Performance

After this webinar, you’ll achieve more, have less stress and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Who Will get the Benefit of 21st Century Stress and Time management Webinar?

Who should attend? Any individual who needs to be better organized and reduce their stress levels. Invited are entire teams of:

  • Administrative personnel
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • Managers at all levels of the company
  • Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Customer service personnel



Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and team productivity in the workplace. She specializes in combining the power of time management with technology, especially using Microsoft Outlook as a tool to help individuals “get it all done” in less time. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute (www.workplacepowerinstitute.com) and she has ed.. Read More >>



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Customize Outlook To The Way You Work
by Karla Brandau